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Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland is a Forensic Expert

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Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland is a forensic expert who has completed over 4000 investigations in his 35-year career. His experience to stop water intrusion and protect people's investments has been his life's passion for his entire career. When homes or buildings leak, they can cause serious mold, deterioration, and often times, expensive litigation. Spiderman has excelled in these areas due to his unique background and experience in the waterproofing/restoration industry.

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Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland as a state-certified general contractor spent over twenty years tearing apart and putting back together between 250 - 300 residential commercial and high-rise buildings a year. This gave him a unique insight into why buildings leak, how to restore them, and prevent future water intrusion issues. Many people and companies battle mold, deterioration, and damage from water intrusion.

Recent News

Scott "Spiderman" Mulholland
July 21, 2021

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland: What is a Building Envelope and Why is it Important?

Scott Mulholland – What is a Building Envelope and Why is it Important? According to water intrusion expert Scott Mulholland, nothing is more important when it comes to keeping your home free of leaks and water damage than your home’s building envelope. Many homeowners, though, don’t understand what a building envelope is and the importance of […]

Scott "Spiderman" Mulholland
July 21, 2021

Scott Mulholland Talks About the Cost of Hidden Water Leaks

Even small spots of water damage can be dangerous, Scott Mulholland says. Every year, insurance companies pay out over $13 billion to handle water damage claims. While large water damage claims have doubled since 2013, there are also millions of smaller claims that are either uninsured or costly without passing the threshold of an insurance […]

Spiderman Mulholland
July 21, 2021

Spiderman Mulholland Says to Measure Moisture Content in Building Materials

A big concern with new or existing construction, preventing incidental water intrusion is a bid issue. Investigator Spiderman Mulholland warns that sometimes the damage can be there from the very beginning. Mulholland also warns that water damage can kill the value of an investment property. Mulholland is CEO of US Building Consultants, Building Envelope Science Institute. As […]

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland CGC CDDC CMR CMA CIEC
July 19, 2021

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland Discusses the Importance of Full-Scale Waterproofing and Restoration Services

Scott “Spiderman” Mulholland on Waterproofing and Restoration Services Waterproofing and restoration services are a passionate topic for Spiderman Mulholland and one that he can speak at length about. As a forensic expert with a 35-year career in the business, he’s become indispensable to anyone who wants to protect their investment from the dangers of moisture.Water […]

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